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Why Montessori?

About Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, the first female Doctor of Medicine in Italy, looked at the education of all children from birth, to toddler, to preschool, and beyond  in a revolutionary way. Working with handicapped and economically disadvantaged children in the slums of Rome, she created classrooms and educational practices that led to a level of academic success for her students that far exceeded expectations--and matched that of more fortunate children in traditional settings.

Rather than viewing children as recipients of the knowledge that adults could "teach" them, she viewed them as having an innate motivation to learn and a unique ability to develop their own capabilities. She created beautiful materials that children could manipulate to learn basic concepts, and devised a new way of teaching, one that respected the child's pleasure in activity and desire for mastery.

Montessori's work has led to the creation of schools around the world based on her ideas. With an environment prepared with care by adults, filled with well-designed materials to manipulate and explore, and with the guidance of teachers who respect their drive for competence, Montessori schools today reflect the work of this innovative educator while providing an education for children who live in the twenty-first century.

The modern-day Montessori school environment is a place that inspires students of all ages from birth to toddler, preschool, and beyond to develop a lifelong love of learning. Montessori teachers are guides who value the development of the whole child towards his/her individual potential in all areas of life. The Montessori classroom is a place where students can learn to be confident leaders and socially responsible individuals, connected to the world of learning and of people.